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Gencorganics was born out of a mother’s love for her only son. Meet Patty and her son Cory. Cory had a terrible accident in which metal objects pierced through his left hand’s shattering bones and shredding through ligaments and tendons. Doctors confidently shared with him that a prognosis of full mobility was grim. After an intense reconstructive surgery he was left with rods and pins in his hand to keep it together.  Doctors said he would require years of painful physical therapy, medication, and future surgeries. 

This was a turning point in Patty’s journey, she pulled herself out of retirement and got to work to find a solution for her son. She researched natural medications, creams, salves – anything that would help heal her son’s hand without poisoning him internally or externally. Not able to find the exact herbal combination she was looking for, she created it! 

Drawing from her two decades of experience in biological research and development she began to delve into the incredible world of herbs with the focus on alleviating pain and finding chemicals that would aid the herbs in penetrating deep within the tissue for optimum healing. 

The Deep Tissue Healing Salve was lovingly crafted from this research and has become the cornerstone for Gencorganics. 

Today Cory is a thriving young man who is blessed to have full mobility of his hand and fingers.  To see his hand today, the healing is truly a miracle. 

Patty furthered her education with certificates in herbal medicine and cosmetic formulation. Her vast experience in research has given her the tools to dig deep into the research literature for science-based proof that the herbs she uses are optimum for healing. Through observation and medical confirmation, her son made a full recovery using her hand-crafted product. She knew she had to share this with the world, and that’s exactly what she did. 

Patty lives on a beautiful homestead in the mountains of Washington State with her husband of 40 years. She has 2 amazing daughters and a son who warm her heart along with the blessings of her grandchildren.

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